Économie de l’information – Information Economy


Économie de l’information

Les principes de l’économie de l’information : les biens d’information, le secteur de la connaissance et de la production intellectuelle, les réseaux.

Source: “économie de l’information”. Termium Plus. Public Works and Government Services Canada, 2014.

Computer Keyboard

Information Economy

Economy in which knowledge is the primary raw material and source of value. It is characterized by (1) convergence and integration of communication and data processing technologies into information technology (IT), (2) pervasive influence of IT on economic activity such that the most workers are information workers and most products are information products, and (3) application of IT networks throughout the economic institutions, organizations, and processes resulting in a very high degree flexibility, weakening of regulatory control, and acceleration of globalization.


“Information Economy.” BusinessDictionary.com. Web. 12 Apr. 2014.

Images: Flickr, Creative Commons License, 2014.


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