Terminology Course: Conclusion

bricks wall

In one of my posts, I said that terminology is useful because it gives us the keys to different disciplines or fields of research. But I take it even further, as our instructor, Philippe Caignon, put it in one of his lectures: everything is terminology.

And it is true. I thought about what he meant for a while and realized that I couldn’t possibly have understood a linguistics class, or a technical translation class if I couldn’t really understand the terminology. I like to think of terms as geometric objects with a purpose. And either they fit as objects to understand how something is built or they do not make any sense and we are unable to build anything with them. After all, our minds construct reality out of these geometric abstractions and we call it knowledge.

The theme throughout this semester was the New Economy, but it could have been any other subject and terminology would always be the backbone of whatever discipline we might have chosen.

I like to think also of terminology as the mother of translation because, without terminology, translation would be like a wondering soul lost in the darkness.

Image: Flickr, Creative Commons License, 2012.



3 thoughts on “Terminology Course: Conclusion

  1. Hi Luis, I wanted to say that I really like the format of your blog. I feel that the colours and images work together well. As for this conclusion post, just like you and our teacher, I believe in the importance of terminology (written and oral) because without it there would be no such thing as this Translation program that I am studying in.

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